Atom Feed ID and RFC3339 timestamp generator

Eases pain for people hand coding their Atom Feeds

Updated: 2015-06-02T02:00:56+03:00 : The time offset had the wrong sign. My apologies to the whole internet, I thought I had fixed this years ago, somehow the old file remained on servers.

I cannot guarantee the uniqueness of the id's or the conformance to standards of the timestamp. Once you set an ID to a feed or feed entry, you must not change it anymore. You must read this article to understand the logic behind an Atom ID.

Your locale settings and your computers clock should be set to the correct time for correct timestamps and ID's.

I cannot be held responsible for any damages due to the use of any information on this page.

Enter your url for the feed or entry link:

Atom ID
..ATOM ID will appear here..
RFC3339 timestamp for current time
..Time Stamp will appear here..
Element <id> with Atom ID
<id>..Place-holder for results..</id>
Element <updated> with timestamp
<updated>..Place-holder for results..</updated>
Element <modified> with timestamp
<modified>..Place-holder for results..</modified>
Element <issued> with timestamp
<issued>..Place-holder for results..</issued>

Page tested to work with IE, FF, Opera. For generating the id's, my script uses these principles for making a good Atom ID, and I resorted to this page for RFC3339 timestamps. Script does not check for the validity of URL's. Use at your own risk. If you want, you can implement this into your custom feed generator.