FleXcroll Safari Test Page


fleXcroll can cope with dynamic updates, and can be controlled from outside:
Clear Test Div : Add P : Remove P : Switch wide/narrow
Move Scrollbars : Scroll content to 50px left, 50px down

  • New: Re-coded entirely with DOM methods, no more destructive innerHTML, gets along much better with other standards obedient scripts regardless of execution order
  • New: Better Opera9 support
  • New: New method to do content scroll in pixels (element.contentScroll), in addition to the scrollbar-move simulation (element.commitScroll)
  • New: Better keyboard handling
  • New: Re-programmed backend with only a single global function laying around.
  • Embedded accessibility addons:
    • Mousewheel Support (IE, Firefox, Opera9)
    • Keyboard focusability and keyboard scrolling (IE, Firefox) (Opera cannot fully make use of this feature)
  • Enhanced accessibility behaviours (mousewheel can scroll horizontally when horizontal bar is hovered or the element is only a horizontal scrollable element, making it a better option than OS default scrollbars when user has a single mousewheel.
  • Control scrollbars from outside using the commitScroll method
  • Can cope with dynamic changes to scroll size (on window resize, on text resize, on window load)
  • Updates itself everytime a scrollbar is clicked, so your content is accessible if any size change is missed, great for firefox users who like to change their font sizes after the page is loaded!
  • You can manually tell flexcrolled div to update its size, allowing you to inject dynamic content into fleXcrolled content
  • Works with IE7Beta2
  • Fully customizable look using CSS only, no script editing to change the look.
  • No limit on how many scrollers there can be on a page
  • Each scroller on page can have its own style
  • Auto decide whether horizontal or vertical scrollbars are needed.
  • Support for adding custom scrollbars to absolute positioned and floated elements
  • Proper support for padding and borders without the need of an extra wrapper div inside the custom-scroll-bar element
  • Mimics default browser behaviour when deciding which scroll bars are to be used*
  • No extra markup needed**. Please check the html source.
  • No inline javascript needed (Can be run externally)
  • If the user has turned off javascript or the user agent has no javascript capability, there is no accessibility problems as the page falls back to OS default scrollers, please check with javascript turned off.
  • Uses only DOM methods.
  • Cross-browser, works with Opera, Firefox and IE down to IE5.0
  • Free for non-commercial use.
  • No extra libraries needed, all code in one compact but readable code.
  • Some more I forgot.

*There are a few situations where it behaves differently.
**A wrapping div would not hurt, tho.


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This is a test page where I do not block Safari.